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Advanced S&T Co., Ltd

Pocket 3G wifi Sim Slot Router

Computer & Accessory
Pocket 3G wifi Sim Slot Router


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Computer & Accessory  -  Routers

Offer Post Time: 2012-04-02

Serial Code: 3g rouiter

Model: 3g wifi router


Carriage: astwifi@hotmail.com

Package: astwifi@hotmail.com

Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

Price: 0.00 USD

 Technical Specifications:


astwifi at hotmail.com;

tel: +86-13715052451;

contact: Miss Hotina;



Qualcomm QSC6085 chipset (ZIF)


Data Speeds: EVDO 800MHz, Release A, 3.1Mbps/1.8Mbps

Power Consumption:  

Battery: Lithium Ion 1500 mAh 3.7 Volt

Operation time: Up to 4 hours

Standby time: Up to 100 hours

USIM/SIM:  Standard 6 PIN SIM card interface  3V SIM card and 1.8V SIM card

Memory(SDRAM/NAND): no internal memory, memory card suported

MICRO SD Card: Up to 32GByte


Interface: USB and Wifi

Charging mode:  USB or Adapter

Charging time: 3hours